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What Proportion of Canadian Women Will Accept an Intrauterine Contraceptive at the Time of Second Trimester Abortion?

What proportion of Canadian Women will accept an intrauterine contraceptive

Canadian Sexual Health Survey !

CSHS interviewers will be visiting neighbourhoods throughout BC in 2014. This important information will be used to improve family planning health services, and to assess whether the government could provide free contraception for all women.

British Columbia Abortion Provider Survey

The results of the BCAPS research study have now be published. Access the full publications on the PLOS ONE website.

Boris Henriquez

Boris, one of the new additions to the CART-GRAC team, has been administering pilot research surveys. Boris is a Masters of Public Health student from UBC and has been with the team since February 2013.

CART-GRAC Collaborations and Network

The core CART-GRAC research team collaborates with a wide range of national interdisciplinary researchers, knowledge users and communication experts. Moreover, the team consults with an advisory panel of national stakeholders and representatives of vulnerable populations of women.