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 The Canadian Sexual Health Survey (CSHS) (Recruitment from June 2014- October 2015)

*Recruitment for this study is complete.  We surveyed in 21 communities across British Columbia, and spoke to nearly 1700 women about their sexual health.  Stay tuned for results from the CSHS! 

1 CSHS–UBC blueRead about the project: Current projects

Read the survey introduction letter here.

Eligibility criteria: female, 14 – 49 years old

From June 2014- October 2015 qualified medical professionals (e.g. nurses, medical students) conducted in-person interviews with women in every region of BC.  Randomly selected households received an introduction letter in their mailbox before the survey. Surveyors returned periodically to the selected neighbourhood and made door-to-door visits to establish participant eligibility among households. Those eligible at that time, could  decide if they would like to participate.

If there is more than one eligible female in a household, a participant will be randomly selected for that household.  It is important that a broad range of ages are sampled from women and girls in each neighbourhood. All survey interviews were conducted in complete privacy and all responses are 100% anonymous. In addition, sensitive questions are answered directly into the computer by the participant, so that responses are anonymous. This survey takes 10 – 40 minutes to complete.

Invited participants were offered a $20 honorarium as a thank-you for their time in participating in this survey.

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