Dr. Laura Schummers (UBC Department of Family Practice)

Dr. Andrea Carson (Dalhousie University, School of Nursing)

Kate Wahl (Graduate Student, UBC Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology) 

Suzie Maginley (Graduate Student, UBC School of Population and Public Health & Department of Family Practice)

Current Student


Past Students

Natalia Malagon (BCCHR Institue, Mini Med Summer Student //  SFU Faculty of Science)

Eric Blachut (McGill University Faculty of Arts, Summer Student)

Suhani Thakore (UBC Faculty of Medicine, Summer Student)

Carmen Wong (UBC Faculty of Science, Summer Student)

Angie Xiong (UBC Faculty of Medicine, Summer Student)

Adriana Mejia-French (UBC Faculty of Medicine, Summer Student)

Sandeep Chatha (UBC Faculty of Medicine, Summer Student)

Emily Teng (University of California, Los Angeles Faculty of Economics, Summer Student)

Marek Blachut (University College London Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Summer Student)

Hannah Rahim (University of Calgary Faculty of Health Sciences, Summer Student)

Marabeth Kramer (UBC Faculty of Medicine, Summer Student)

Past Volunteers

Brian William Vickers 

Mani Asgharpour

Sofia Villarreal

Tina Gao (UBC Faculty of Science)

Winnie Lee (UBC Faculty of Medicine)

The Contraception Access Research Student Initiative (CARSI) is a medical student collaboration within CART-GRAC. This group was founded by UBC medical students interested in reproductive health and family planning. Sharing the same goals developed by CART-GRAC, CARSI hopes to support women’s equitable access to high-quality family planning knowledge, methods, and services.

Students involved in CARSI have the opportunity to develop and execute their own research questions under the guidance of expert scholars within CART-GRAC. This experience encourages medical students to develop both clinician and scientist skills through managing independent projects, and collaborating with community, academic and healthcare experts. In addition, involvement with CARSI promotes the CanMED competencies of Medical Expert, Communicator, Collaborator, Health Advocate, Scholar, and Professional.

Lingsa Jia (CARSI Team Co-Lead, UBC Faculty of Medicine)

Ann Hsu-Lin (CARSI Team Co-Lead, UBC Faculty of Medicine)

April Lu (CARSI Team Co-Lead, UBC Faculty of Medicine)

Elisabeth De Marchi (UBC Faculty of Medicine)

Jennifer Clune (UBC Faculty of Medicine)

Sara Lynskey (UBC Faculty of Medicine)

Ruphen Shaw (UBC Faculty of Medicine)