About Us

The  Contraception and Abortion Research Team-Groupe de recherche sur l’avortement et la contraception (CART-GRAC) is a national, interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral collaboration performing research to support health services and policies to ensure equitable access to high-quality family planning knowledge, methods and services for people and families throughout Canada.


The CART-GRAC network incorporates priority healthcare questions identified by key health policy leaders, health system decision makers, patient and community partners, and primary healthcare professionals.



Our aim is equitable access to family planning knowledge, services and methods, supporting all people and families to be able to plan and space their pregnancies. Concurrently, we build capacity for long term solutions through researcher-training, and develop approaches to measure meaningful national reproductive health indicators in Canada.



Our goal is to undertake primary healthcare family planning research that will lead to improvements in equitable access to high quality family planning knowledge, services and methods, particularly among vulnerable people and families throughout Canada.