Governance Structure


The Contraception and Abortion Research Team – Groupe de recherche sur l’avortement et la contraception (CART-GRAC) network will be managed by a Governing Council of 7-10 Directors: The co-Directors, the Directors of each research domain and a trainee member

Core Values

CART-GRAC is a network that aims to support people equitably to realize their own goals for whether and when to have children. Through health policy, systems and services research and knowledge mobilization, and researcher training, CART-GRAC works to increase equitable access to high quality family planning knowledge, services, and methods. CART-GRAC connects collaborators, fosters the sharing of ideas and supports new interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaborations with a potential for health policy/healthcare change toward the organization aim. CART-GRAC as an organization maintains independence from industry sponsored research.

For more information please view our 2022 Governance Report:

CART-GRAC Governance Structure

Terms of Reference for Governing Council