Our new summer students!

The CART-GRAC team is pleased to welcome four students who will be working with us this summer!

Marabeth Kramer is working with CART for 8 weeks as part of the Faculty of Medicine’s Summer Student Research Program. She will be starting her second year at the UBC Southern Medical Program in Kelowna this August. Her interest in the OBGYN specialty is aligned with her work CART involving chart review for two studies examining IUD efficacy and best practice. She is also assisting with the development of a resource page and a FAQ list for an online platform that will be accessed by providers recently trained in the provision of mifepristone.

© Photography by Mark Whitehead

Marek Blachut is a recent graduate of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme at St. John’s school and a returning member of the CART-GRAC research team. He has returned for the summer, as a research assistant to aid in the translation, compilation, and implementation of the Mifepristone study as well as data collection for the Better Contraceptive Choices Project.

marek [pic

Hannah Rahim, recipient of the Mini Med School Summer Studentship from BC Children’s Hospital and recent IB graduate of Mulgrave School is assisting CART-GRAC to offer more effective and dynamic knowledge translation. She will be increasing the accessibility of our research to the public through developing our social media presence while raising awareness about family planning and health equity. Hannah will also be conducting chart reviews at abortion clinics for the Better Contraceptive Choices Project.


Emily Teng, recipient of the Summer Student Scholar Award of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research-Public Health Agency of Canada Chair in Applied Public Health Research, has just graduated from the IB programme at St. John’s School and will be working with the team as a volunteer. She will assist Dr. Saied Samiedaluie in Operations Research Modeling to contribute to cost-effectiveness health policy options.






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